Website Shows How Much Georgia Schools Spend

Over $14 billion dollars is spent and spread across Georgia’s 180 school systems and more than 2,000 schools. That’s a lot of money. Where does it go? Who gets what? The Georgia Public Policy Foundation recently unveiled an interactive website that tracks how the money is spread and how remove skin tags it is spent.

georgia-school-spending-dataThe spending details data from the Georgia Department of Education and shows how money is allocated among each school system’s central office and its individual schools.

Every dollar amount is categorized into one of 11 different functions, such as spending for instruction or administration, and more than 100 detailed spending areas such as supplies, books or salaries.

The site was initiated in hopes to achieve transparency for school spending.  Results in other states show that money is spent more carefully when others are watching.  It is believed that this will lead to cost savings as it will help identify duplication, waste and opportunities for efficiencies.

The data excludes capital spending, such as building or buses.  Data is available per student or total dollar amounts. All of the data can be easily downloaded for Georgians who want to conduct their own analysis. Interactive charts allow users to compare per-student spending to similar schools across the state.

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation, a think tank formed in 1991, is a nonpartisan, member-supported research and education foundation that promotes free markets, limited government and individual responsibility.

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