Rojo Taqueria Serving Gourmet Tacos

rojo taqueriaAlthough its address is technically Alpharetta, Rojo Taqueria is close enough to Roswell that I felt it was worth mentioning on this website.  Rojo Taqueria is located just off of Holcomb Bridge Road in Alpharetta near TJs Sports Bar and in the space that previously housed Johnny’s Pizza.  After being recommended by several friends to go to this restaurant and after meeting one of it’s waiters at the East Roswell Dog Park, I decided to give this place a try over the weekend.  Overall it was a positive experience and I will likely go back.

I went with a friend on a Friday night…he has been there several times.  My friend suggested that of anything I order I must have the BBQ Taco.  I followed my friend’s advice and ordered the BBQ Taco, the Bartender (we sat at the bar to watch baseball playoffs) suggested the Fish Taco as well.  I ordered these two tacos and also the Buffalo Shrimp.  I had just been to Hooters a few days earlier and I LOVE their Buffalo Shrimp, so I figured I’d give Rojo Taqueria’s shrimp a try.

While our food was being prepared the bartender engaged us in conversation.  He was a very pleasant individual which made our dining, well…aside from the children running around and screaming (it was early on a Friday night), a very nice experience.

The food arrived rather quickly and I tried the tacos first.  Gourmet tacos…I now understand what is meant by that.  The tacos were excellent!  The Buffalo Shrimp came with french fries…a good thing too because the shrimp were small (about half that of Hooters shrimp).  The shrimp had too much breading and the sauce was nothing unique.  The fries saved the dish.  The bartender asked how I liked the Buffalo Shrimp and I was honest with him.  He informed me it was a offering they were trying out…he also agreed with me that Hooters has some of the best Buffalo Shrimp around.  He told me not to worry, the Buffalo Shrimp would cost me only $3, more than half the price listed on the menu.

I will most certainly visit Rojo Taqueria again…it was a great experience and the service was exceptional.  I would highly recommend this Mexican restaurant to anyone.  Take a look at their menu…prices aren’t bad either!

2850 Holcomb Bridge Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30022-1660
(678) 277-9000
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