Georgia Super Speeder Law


Georgia Super Speeder Law

The new “Super Speeder” law just took effect on January 1st and it’s about to get really expensive on Georgia roads. The law targets drivers going 75 miles per hour or more on two-lane roads and 85 or more on multi-lane roads like interstates. (Editor Note: For those local drivers, the picture above is not taken from GA 400, otherwise known as the Georgia Autobahn. These are professional drivers on a closed track and trying to match their speeds on GA 400 will now cost you a couple Benjamins.)

That means, going 85 miles per hour or more on most Georgia roads, including interstates, will cost a speeder an additional $200. On two-lane roads, meaning one lane each way, the extra fine kicks in at 75 mph. And that is on  top of whatever ticket the speeder gets for going over the speed limit.

The state will send a letter notifying the speeder of the $200 fine, which must be paid within 90 days of the letter’s date.

Drivers who don’t pay will have their licenses suspended.

State officials pushed for the law to cut down on devastating high-speed crashes, while raising funds for trauma care.

For those that have already been pulled over, apparently the excuse of not knowing about the new law is no excuse at all. Keep an eye on the mailbox for your bill from the state.

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