Flood Insurance Information for Roswell Homeowners

Did you know that most property insurance does not cover flooding? Did you know that every property, not simply those located near streams or with a history of flooding, carries some risk of flooding?

Flood insurance policies and rates are based upon a property’s location on a flood map which illustrates areas of high and low risks for flooding. The lower the risk area on a flood map, the lower the insurance premium. Often only property owners in areas of high risk are informed of flood insurance though it is available for all properties regardless of location or history.

With new flood maps currently underway via the joint efforts of the City of Roswell, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, residents should be advised about the flood risk associated with their properties. The new maps may prove some properties to be at higher, or lower, risks of flooding than originally thought which could affect one’s insurance. If the new maps show a property has changed from a low or moderate risk zone to a high risk zone, owners with current or no flood insurance policies or mortgages could face new insurance requirements and/or increases in insurance premiums.

Fortunately, some property owners may have an opportunity to be grandfathered in to flood insurance policies at lower rates. Since each property is unique, it is important for each property owner to speak with their insurance agent as soon as possible to see if they are eligible for the grandfathering program.

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