Fashion and Style as Art

Visit a trendy fashion boutique called Veruca. This Atlanta boutique strives to meet the needs of fashion forward thinkers, style divas, and those searching to update their look. If you are looking for amazing jewelry, bags, candles, or shoes, than this place has it all. With a number of emerging designers and well-known labels, there is something for everyone at this upscale fashion boutique. You will find garments from Asia, South America, and Europe. One-of-a-kind & eco-friendly microsoftcouponcode pieces are their niche. But make sure your pockets are deep though, there’s a price to pay for unique fashion.

“The owner and employees are some of the best I’ve met. I tired on a dress that didn’t look that great on me and they were honest with me! That’s rare. Most sales people are just trying to sell you something, but the employee’s at Veruca want you to actually wear what you’re buying,” a customer stated.

Veruca invites you to come enjoy shopping in this fun Atlanta fashion style house.

597 Atlanta St
Roswell, GA 30075

Phone: (770) 642-1392


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