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Is It Time to Refinance?

Tweet Recent action by the Fed has interest rates on 30 year fixed rate mortgages being right around 5% and in some cases (depending on your credit score) even lower. These are the lowest rates we’ve seen in over 35 years.  With that being said, I believe everyone should consider refinancing their homes. I purchased […]

Georgia Rides to the Capitol

Tweet W H O Metro Atlanta Mayors Association (MAMA), Georgia Bikes!, and event sponsors will host over 1,000 cyclists from the metro Atlanta region. Police-escorted rides will depart from Decatur and Roswell led respectively by Mayor Bill Floyd and Mayor Jere Wood as well as other mayors and public officials from the region. W H […]

First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit

Tweet Yes, the economy is in the dumps, but if you disregard the media’s portrayal of the current housing forecast you will see that it is actually quite favorable for homebuyers…especially “first-time homebuyers”.  While housing prices may continue to drop, mortgage rates are at historical lows and there are plenty of government programs to help […]

New Program Modifies Mortgages to Help Stabilize the Real Estate Market

Tweet On Tuesday of this week the Bush administration unveiled a new program that will modify mortgages to help stabilize the real estate market. Eligibility of the new plan is determined by several factors:  Homeowners must be 90 days or more late in their mortgage payments, owe at least 90% of their home’s current value, […]

Mortgage Rate Update – Week of October 13, 2008

Tweet Chicken Little, the sky isn’t falling…it only feels that way. The financial markets around the world plunged last week despite government intervention. After announcing they would purchase commercial paper, the Fed dropped the short-term Fed Funds Rate by .50%. However, uncertainty and fear filled the marketplace and the markets spiraled downwards. Home loan rates […]

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