2011 Top Selling Roswell Neighborhoods

Time to recap the 2011 top selling Roswell neighborhoods. You probably hear more chatter at the office water cooler about how bad the Roswell real estate market was in 2011. Seems fun to talk about bad news. But in reality, Roswell homes still sold in 2011, in fact 929 homes sold, which was up from 868 in 2010 or a 7% increase.

It’s always interesting to see which neighborhoods buyers were attracted to during their Roswell home search. Where were people buying Roswell homes in 2011? Well, let’s find out. Here are the Top Selling Roswell Neighborhoods in 2011.

Please hold your applause until all winners are announced and let’s hope that there aren’t any long-winded acceptance speeches. Just can’t stand those long acceptance speeches.

Top Selling Roswell Neighborhoods in 2011


So there you have it. Our 2011 Top Selling Roswell neighborhoods. If we can be of assistance in your Roswell home search, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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